About me

I am a problem solver with a love for technology . This culminates in a love for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. I have years of experience in a variety of technologies and languages, including Python, Julia, C/C++, and R.

I have a Bachelor’s of Electronics and telecommunications degree and have been learning and practicing data science for more than 5 years now. Solving Data science case studies, freelancing and participating in competitions. I have developed strong Machine learning and Deep learning principles.

Previously I was working as Data Analyst at a financial firm, where I performed data analysis to discern information from Financial time series data and develop Machine learning models to solve real-life equity investing and trading problems.

I have also helped a restaurant chain, providing data driven intelligence for increasing revenue, decreasing costs and optimising operations.

I worked as a Machine Learning Engineer at the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT Bombay), where I developed smart analytics solutions to give valuable insights from wearable sensor data.

Presently I work as a Lead Data Scientist at Numer8 Analytics, where we give solutions to companies by turning their business data into actionable insights.

I am actively seeking new opportunities and challenges. For professional inquiries, consulting, or other questions please contact me via email.